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09/29/2019: Get Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level: It has been a busy start to the 2019-2020 season with record orders from Canada, the US and Europe. Next month we will be adding additional products to help coaches prepare their teams for play and to help coaches organize their game on the bench. Coming in October will be the Coaches Face-off Play Card, and detailed instructions on Defensive Zone Coverage, Zone Entry, and Penalty Kill. If you have not updated your Stats Tracker in a couple of years, order the updated 6.0.12 version. Remember all our products work with the latest Microsoft Office 365 versions.

08/23/2015: Athletic Performance Tracking is now available:
We are excited to announce the availability of the Athletic Performance Tracker for MS Excel. This product is useful for all sports whether it be hockey, soccer, basketball, football, track or whatever you coach. At the beginning of your season, perform baseline athletic testing to measure fitness, quickness, balance, strength, power, or even skills. Re-assess three more times during your season and determine the athletic performance of your athletes, as well as assessing your training program. This new product does it all for you. View the full product overview for the Athletic Performance Tracker.

08/01/2015: Hockey Stats Tracker 6.0 for Excel Now Available:  
The popular Stats Tracker just got better with the addition of advanced skater stats including Corsi, Fenwick, and additional analysis charts. View the full product overview for the Hockey Stats Tracker.

​07/05/2015: Goalie Stats and Analytics:  
We've added a new video overview showing how powerful and simple it is to use the Goalie Stats tracking and analysis Excel workbook. View the Goalie Stats and Analytics Video.

06/07/2015: Free Form to Record Game Stats:  
We've added a new free download form that you can use to record game stats. Visit the Downloads page for the free form to record hockey game stats.

05/17/2015: Announcing Goalie Analytics:
We have created a game changer for coaches, goalie coaches, and parents interested in tracking detailed goaltender stats and performing analysis on goaltender performance. A first of it's kind, our simple collection method and excel based product is easy to use and this will be a game changer for goaltenders and coaches. Read the feature overview and visit the product details page for hockey goalie stats and analytics.

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Colorado Hockey institute Organizing Hockey Coaches For Success

The power in the advanced goalie statistics and analytics is the ability visualize goaltender performance. Here, we see the goaltender magic quadrant chart for a few chosen shot locations. The power is in the data and the visualization capabilities.

This software program for the advanced goaltender stats and analytics has tremendous value for hockey coaches and goalies.

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Colorado Hockey Institute Organizing Coaches for Success: Our mission is to enable season and on-ice success for coaches and their teams by providing products and services that assist with organizing seasons, organizing teams, preparing for games, communicating with players, communicating with parents, planning practices, managing the bench, and by managing player performance and improvement. The Colorado Hockey Institute hockey stats tracker is one of our premier tools for coaches.

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