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Hockey Math: Clock Time to Game Time

By Jim Plummer.FounderArticle 
Last Updated: May 7, 2011

​Pointstreak has become a big success in my opinion. If you are not aware, Pointstreak is a real-time scoring and official league record keeping software system designed for all levels of league and tournament operations for hockey, baseball, soccer or lacrosse leagues, including amateur, recreational, junior, collegiate and professional leagues. Live scores are captured instantly at the game by using one of Pointstreak's game recording options.

​As a coach, it is fantastic to be able to see game sheets for any league or tournament game immediately on-line. The advancement with networks and smart phones has made this even more of a reality in real-time game planning and analysis.

​If you are recording the game stats on a Pointstreak specialized game recording terminal or on a laptop with the  Pointstreak software, results are uploaded right to Pointstreak. If these are unavailable you can record the game on a paper game sheet and enter the game on-line with the web interface at

​If you have ever had to enter your paper game sheet into PointStreak using the on-line interface you may have noticed that you have to enter in the game time (time expired) vs. clock time (time remaining) when recording goals, penalties and other time related game events. If there are a lot of goals or penalties, you might find the clock math a little overwhelming.

​To ease the burden we have created a free Microsoft Excel tool that allows you to convert any time from "time remaining" to "time expired". There is a cell for a single conversion, or a replica of a score sheet with goals and penalties where you can enter in the clock time, and print out the game time.

​Watch the video tutorial on how to use this tool and then download this free Excel tool to convert the hockey score clock time to game time expired

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