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Excel on the iPad is a Breakthrough


In our previous article about our Clock Time to Game Time Converter, we introduced a Microsoft Excel tool that allows you to convert any time from “time remaining” to “time expired.” This free easy to use worksheet provides a cell for a single conversion, or a replica of a score sheet with goals and penalties where you can enter in the clock time, and print out the game time. Read more...

Hockey Math: Clock Time to Game Time
Last Updated: May 7, 2011

​Pointstreak has become a big success in my opinion. If you are not aware, Pointstreak is a real-time scoring and official league record keeping software system designed for all levels of league and tournament operations for hockey, baseball, soccer or lacrosse leagues, including amateur, recreational, junior, collegiate and professional leagues. Live scores are captured instantly at the game by using one of Pointstreak's game recording options. Read More...