Athletic Performance Tracker

The Athletic Performance Tracking product is a software program created within Microsoft Excel for tracking athletic performance and training progress throughout a training season.

The Athletic Performance Tracker is a simple simple to use yet it provides advanced analysis capabilities so that you, the coach, can focus on the athletes and the team training, and not on creating your own complicated spreadsheets. We have done the hard work, you simply have to enter training measurement results and then review the out of the box reports.
This easy-to-use tracking template is applicable to any sport and it allows you to quickly visualize, analyze, and understand an athlete‚Äôs strengths, weaknesses and progress toward team and individual goals. Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse, Football, Swimming, Track and many other coaches and teams can use this right out of the box to assess, measure, monitor, and share team and individual athlete performance.

Using MicroSoft Excel as the platform, you don't have to import or export data to perform additioanl analysis, and you can view all the reports, charts and data on your computer, or mobile device, and share output easily through DropBox or OneDrive.

You define the Evaluation Tests that measure performance within any number of Fitness Categories. Have your athletes perform each evaluation test and record their results in the Athletic Performance Tracker. Our sample Fitness Categories include:

  • Aerobic Endurance
  • Agility
  • Anaerobic Endurance
  • Balance
  • Body Composition
  • Conditioning
  • Coordination
  • Core Stability
  • Fitness Category
  • Flexibility
  • Footwork
  • Functional
  • General
  • Power
  • Reaction Time
  • Skills
  • Speed
  • Strength

The Athletic Performance Tracker automatically organizes your data into a series of reports and charts that summarize provide detailed views of the results. The benefits of our Excel workbook are endless, as it provides access to individual, team, and benchmark goals all in one well organized template. We have taken care of the complexities of formulas applied best in class presentation principals so that you can focus on coaching your athletes. 

Implementing standardized tests specific to your sport establishes a baseline indication of athletic ability, and by providing a visual progress indicator it becomes a great motivator for athletes to improve their personal score and their team ranking. No one wants to see their time, weight, or measurements decrease, and being able to see numbers increase further promotes hard work. 

The Athletic Performance Tracker targets specific areas of strengths and weaknesses and groups them into your customized worksheets including: 

  • Individual Athlete Analysis
  • Team Averages 
  • Benchmark Goals
  • Test Summaries
  • Overall Progress

This concrete breakdown of individual and team athletic ability allows you visualize gaps in strength, conditioning, skills and provides you the feedback needed to alter your training program in the areas that are lacking. As a coach, it is your job to get athletes to improve. Use the results as an assessment of your training program and adjust training to focus on areas that that are not improving. Enhance athlete strength, power, movement, and endurance and take your team to the next level. Not only are you able to structure practices and training around areas that need improvement, you are also able to reduce the chances of injury by creating a well-rounded training program.

The Athletic Performance Tracker capabilities includes the ability to:

  • Track up to 24 athletic performance evaluation tests.
  • Establish team goals/benchmark result for each evaluation test.
  • Track the athletic performance for up to 20 athletes in one workbook.
  • Establish a personal goal for each athlete on each evaluation test.
  • Track up to 6 physical body characteristics.
  • Track up to 4 evaluation sessions.
  • Define up to 24 fitness/performance categories for grouping evaluation tests.
  • Assign a weighting factor to each fitness category and each evaluation test.
  • Automatically compute an overall athletic performance score by evaluation test weighting and by athletic fitness category. 

Analyze the athletic performance to your chosen benchmark of:

  • Personal Goal
  • Team Average
  • Team Average + one Standard Deviation
  • Team Average + two Standard Deviations
  • Team Best Result for each evaluation test
  • Team Goal
  • Team Median result for each evaluation test

Automatically rank your athletes within each evaluation test and:

  • Visualize fitness category performance in the Category Performance Summary Chart
  • Visualize the performance for an athlete using the Normalized Performance Comparison chart for all 24 evaluation tests at one time and compare each evaluation test result against, personal goal, team goal, team average, or team best result.
  • View individual results and for each evaluation test with comparison to team averages and charted progress for each Testing Session.
  • View Top 5 Ranking summary for all 24 evaluation tests
  • View 24 detailed worksheets for each evaluation test that chart results, rankings and progress for all athletes.

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