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Attendance Tracker

The Attendance Tracker will help you keep track of player attendance to practices, games, and other team events. It can be a challenge to keep track of who is attending regularly and who is not. It often comes up during the season that the coach is playing favorites and doesn't notice the kids who shows up all the time. This is often coupled with complaints of playing time. To help avoid these issues, we want to help you stay organized.

Coaches can use the Attendance Tracker to be disciplined on keeping good attendance records and will always know who attends what events. Set your standards for what is acceptable, measure each players attendance, and take action as you see appropriate. 

The Attendance Tracker is a Microsoft Excel template that allows you to quickly and easily track every team event with unique event type codes and track attendance for every player on the roster. The Microsoft Excel workbook allows for tracking of individual attendance for up to 239 events which can be games (league, tournament, exhibition), practices (on-ice, off-ice, dryland), team meetings, or other team events. Reports allow you to see overall attendance, attendance totals, and averages broken down for each player and event type. 

Enter your roster and then you are ready to track attendance. Print the Day Attendance worksheet and record player attendance. Later, enter these into your personal Attendance Tracker workbook. Set a threshold for your minimum participation level and you will see visual indicators for players who have fallen below your required participation threshold. Then you are organized for conversations with players or parents with factual information that backs up your coaching decisions.

The Attendance Tracker purchase includes:

  • Attendance Tracker Users Guide
  • Colorado Hockey Institute Attendance Tracker Microsoft Excel 2003 Workbook

After purchasing, your workbook will be Emailed to you within 24 hours.

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