Organizing Coaches for Success

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Coaches Game Card


The Coaches Game Card will help manage your game lineup, your game plan for your opponent's systems and tendencies, track your hockey team's period by period play including goals, assists, plus/minus, and shot location, and it provides you an organized approach for game note taking.

Being organized before the game and on the bench is critical. Knowing your opponents lines, your lines, your penalty kill pairs, and recording your hockey team and player statistics including goals and assists is an important aspect for being a successful coach. 

The Coaches Game Card is a Microsoft Excel template that allows you to enter your roster, and through out your season you are able to select your game lineup and prepare your pre-game notes prior to getting to the rink. The Game Card can be folded in half which creates a convenient size for coaches on the bench. Print the game card and bring it to the rink attached to your clipboard - ready for your game. 

Use the Game Card in conjunction with the Stats Tracker. The Stats Tracker is for improved post game analysis, the Game Card will help you with game preparation, collecting statistics during the game and bench management.

There are three different front page layouts to choose from for your team's game information and notes, and two back page layouts for your opponent's team information and notes. The card can be folded in half making it a convenient size to attach to a clipboard or hold in one hand.

The Coaches Game Card purchase includes:

  • Coaches Game Card user guide
  • Colorado Hockey Institute Coaches Game Card Microsoft Excel 2003 Workbook

After purchasing, your workbook will be Emailed to you within 24 hours.

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