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Colorado Hockey institute Excel On The Ipad Is A Breakthrough

By Andrea Plummer


Colorado Hockey Institute Excel on the iPad is a Breakthrough: In our previous article about our Clock Time to Game Time Converter, we introduced a Microsoft Excel tool that allows you to convert any time from “time remaining” to “time expired.” This free easy to use worksheet provides a cell for a single conversion, or a replica of a score sheet with goals and penalties where you can enter in the clock time, and print out the game time. 

​Our new version makes this process even easier. Through Microsoft Office 365, you can access the excel spreadsheet right on your iPad, iPhone, or Android phone, and share it easily using Microsoft One Drive. One Drive is a free online storage center that connects to all of your devices, allowing you to stay organized and up to date with all of your game sheets. The new Clock Time to Game Time Converter on Microsoft Excel completely eliminates the need for paper, therefore maximizing organization and productivity.

​For a software development company, or even a hockey coach, the ease of sharing files in native Microsoft format will allow for coaches, managers and team statisticians to be far more productive. Colorado Hockey Institute will be adapting many products to take advantage of these new capabilities that make the administrative tasks for coaching and team management much easier.

​You can purchase Microsoft 365 for just $99/year, and Sean Ludwig explains the benefits of this in his article: Why Microsoft Office is actually worth $100 a year (review) . With the Clock Time to Game Time Converter now available on tablets and smartphones through Microsoft 365, sharing data with coaches, team managers, and players has never been easier. Access your worksheets anytime, anywhere, from any device,try out the Clock Time to Game Time Converter as one simple example and get to know excel on your iPad and Office 365. 

Free download: Clock to Game Time Converter (includes game sheet)