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  • PCT Goals Allowed/PP
  • Total Saves on PP
  • Save PCT on PP
  • PP Rebounds Allowed
  • PP Rebound PCT Allowed
  • PP Goals off Rebound
  • Other Goals off Rebound
  • Total Goals off Rebound
  • PCT of Goals off Rebound 
  • Total Shots
  • Goals
  • Total Saves
  • Save PCT
  • Total Rebounds Allowed
  • Rebound PCT Allowed
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  • PP Faced
  • Total Shots on PP
  • Total Goals on PP

Goalie Statistics and Analytics 

Colorado Hockey Institute is proud to announce Goalie Statistics and Analytics for hockey v1.0 as a revolutionary new way to track and analyze goalie performance and statistics. This is an Excel based software program for tracking and analyzing your goalie stats for each game and for consolidating all stats into a single season view where you can visualize performance.

Capture all shots on net and record the location on the net view of the puck as it was saved or crossed the goal line, and capture the location on the ice from where the shot originated from. For each shot, indicate whether it resulted in a save, a rebound, or a goal, and whether the shot or goal occurred while defending a power play or not.​

You can then analyze your goalie performance including the standard stats as well as the net location heat map, ice location heat map, and supporting detailed statistics broken down by net zone and ice location zone. The visualization and the location breakdown of stats is what you will find extremely powerful. Rebound goal locations and goal locations are extremely easy to see.

The following stats are computed from the captured game data and aggregated across the season for each goalie on your roster:

Each statistic is calculated within a breakdown of zones within the net and zones on the ice.

The Net Location is used to identify shot/goal destination from the shooters perspective (looking toward the front of the net). The net is broken down into 8 different shot locations: Vertically along each post (L and R) each into 3 even areas (1, 2, and 3) with 1 being the top area, and 3 bottom area. The center of the net is divided into two areas with the top half representing the chest area (CH), and the bottom have representing the five hole (5H) area as seen below.

For the Net Location perspective, the stats collector will indicate the shot location on the net frame by making the appropriate mark for a shot/save, rebound, or goal.​ All data is available to you for your own analysis, charts, and pivot tables. All of this information is extremely helpful in determining goalie strengths and weaknesses and serves as a guide for improvement through out the season. 

Unleash the power of Goaltender Analytics and start improving your practice planning for goaltenders because you will know exactly what situations, shot types, shot locations, and scoring locations to work on. 

Watch the video overview: Goalie Stats and Analytics Video Overview

Download the feature overview for the Goalie Stats and Analytics for Hockey