Colorado Hockey Institute products help coaches stay organized, and help with tracking and analyzing statistics and athletic performance. The entire product line can be seen listed below.

Goalie Stats and Analytics

The Goalie Stats and Analytics product provides capabilities that have never been available until now for tracking and analyzing goaltender season performance. With this groundbreaking product you will able to analyze goalie performance from the perspective of shot location on the ice as well as save/goal location on the net. We have broken down the ice and the net into zones where you can visualize goalie save percentage, goals against, rebound control, shot distance, and more. Collection of stats is made easy with the stats collector built on Excel for the mobile devices and tablets, (such as the iPad). Read the full product description to learn more about the Goalie Stats and Analytics product.

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Hockey Stats Tracker Premium

The Hockey Stats Tracker will help you track your hockey team and player statistics including goals, assists, plus/minus, goaltender statistics, power play and penalty kill statistics and much more. Version 6 now includes support for Corsi, Fenwick, and other advanced statistics, charts, and analytics. Requires Microsoft Excel 2016. Learn more about the Hockey Stats Tracker by reading the full description of what is included in the Hockey Stats Tracker

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Athletic Performance Tracking

A key part of every coach's season plan is to develop each individual athlete. In order to help coaches track and measure the performance of the team and each athlete, we have developed the Athletic Performance Tacker

Define your evaluation tests, team goals, personal goals, and group evaluation tests into athletic performance categories such as Power, Strength, Agility, Aerobic Endurance, Flexibility, etc. Set an initial baseline test and re-assess three more times during your season. Leverage Excel on your computer, tablet, or smart phone to maintain data and analyze.

Use the out of the box reports to help you analyze athlete performance and your training program. Simple to setup and simple to use to deliver powerful insights into athletic performance. View the detailed overview of the Athletic Performance Tracker.

Coaches Game Card

The Coaches Game Card will help manage your game lineup, your game plan for your opponent's systems and tendencies, track your hockey team's period by period play including goals, assists, plus/minus, shot location, and it provides you an organized approach for game note taking. Being organized before the game and on the bench is critical. 

Learn more about the Coaches Game Card by reading the full description of what is included with the Coaches Game Card.

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Custom Branding

Match your purchased products to your tame colors and logo. Custom Branding can be performed on Stats Tracker v5.4, Attendance Tracker v4.4.3, Attendance Collector v1.0 or later versions.

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Visio Stencil and Templates for Hockey Drill Design

There is no need for you to spend time on slow web sites any more. With this Stencil and Colorado Hockey Institute Practice Plan Templates for Hockey, you can use Microsoft Visio as your software to quickly draw and maintain your own hockey drill library. Visio diagrams integrate easily with your standard desktop tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook which makes it easy to share your drills and practice plans with other hockey coaches and your team. Learn more about the Visio Hockey Drill Design Bundle by reading the full description, viewing sample drills, and checking out all what is included.

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Attendance Tracker

The Attendance Tracker will help you keep track of player attendance to practices, games, and other team events. It can be a challenge to keep track of who is attending regularly and who is not. It often comes up during the season that the coach is playing favorites and doesn't notice the kids who shows up all the time. This is often coupled complaints of playing time. To help avoid these issues, we want to help you stay organized.

Coaches can use the Attendance Tracker to be disciplined on keeping good attendance records and will always know who attends what. With Version 4.4 it even becomes easier with the Attendance collector that allows you to collect attendance on a tablet or smart phone. Read the full description of the Attendance Tracker.

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Communication Tracker

Communication between a coach, his or her players, and parents is critical for success. In order to help coaches put some focused attention to player communication we have developed a Microsoft Excel Template that will help coaches, plan communication, record their player communication, and track their progress against their communication plan.

Learn more about the Player Communication Log by reading the full description of what is included with the product.

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Organizing Coaches for Success

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